Dear American guests and patients,

Welcome to Germany! I would be both honored and happy to consult with you and your family on any medical issues or questions you might have.

As a general practice doctor my primary aim is to protect your health and prevent future ills. Some things that separate me from most general practitioners are my specializations in: internal medicine, nutrition, and sports medicine.

You are more than welcome to contact me with all sorts of questions concerning any health issues. This includes common issues like colds and sore throats and more serious things like diabetes and hypertension. Of course I can help with more acute or severe medical issues, and help you to develop a preventative routine using nutrition and my background in sports medicine.

Please feel free to come to my office even if you just want to get a checkup.

Your trust and your health are the most important things to me as your doctor. I am ready to have a frank, sensible, and detailed conversation with you regarding your health concerns, as well as provide a physical examination. These are the basis of a successful goal-directed diagnostic approach which ensures your needs as my patient are met.

Please come and consult me before you take your next vacation! I have extensive experience with common issues that come up when traveling throughout Europe and other nearby Island destinations. I can help ensure you stay healthy during your trip with an appropriate prescription or innoculation. These will help to ensure you stay healthy and can enjoy and relax during your vacation.

I offer a wide spectrum of diagnostic services in my office including a huge variety of blood tests, ECG, 24-hour blood pressure monitoring, and pulmonary function tests. If further diagnostic tests or treatments are required I work closely with a variety of specialized doctors located within the same building and in Wiesbaden, offering very convenient referrals for you.

I am looking forward to welcoming and taking care of you at my practice located at: Asklepios Gesundheitszentrum, Schiersteiner Strasse 42, 65187 Wiesbaden.

To make an appointment, please simply request a callback. I will contact you as soon as possible.


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